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A Free account has full functionality, you may input as many customers and or products as you wish. You may print, email and save to you computer your invoices. The only limitation with a FREE account is that you may only produce 3 invoices in any 28 day period; if you need to produce more invoices you must either wait until your next 28 day period begins or if you cannot wait you can upgrade your account to be able to produce 28 invoices or last for 28 days.



3 invoices in any 28 days FREE OF CHARGE
28 invoices or 28 days* £6.60
56 invoices or 28 days* £8.60
84 invoices or 28 days *£10.60
112 invoices or 28 days* £12.60

*= Whichever is used soonest. If you know you will need more than 28 invoices it will be more cost effective to subscribe for a bigger volume initially rather than upgrade your account once you have used your initial 28 invoices.



You can upgrade your account at anytime simply by clicking the "upgrade MY account" button on your "MYHome" page. Your account will automatically prompt you to upgrade when you reach one of your limits. Just follow the onscreen instructions; you will be redirected to our secure online payment partners "PAYPAL" they will collect your payment and your account will then be upgraded and you can continue producing invoices.



Go to your "MYDetails" page and change it there, don't forget to save your changes.



Your username is your e-mail address and it is the address we use to contact you, it is also the address we tell your customers that your invoices have come from. So unless you change your email address we suggest that you do not change your user name.



You do not need to close your account, you can simply allow the 28 days to expire, after a 6 month period of inactivity we will contact you on the e-mail address you use as your username regarding your account and if you we do not hear back from you within 28 days we will assume that you no longer want the account and we will close it for you. Alternatively you can email us at and ask us to close it. You may want to save your data before we close your account.



You can save your data simply by viewing your data as an Excel spreadsheet and then saving that spreadsheet. Go to MYinvoices; decide whether you want to save just the "Unpaid only" or "View all" by clicking on the button; then choose "View in excel". The computer will then use its own default program to open the Excel spreadsheets. Once the spreadsheet is open you can save that data.





Go to MYInvoices; click "New Invoice". You will be taken to a new page where you will be asked to choose, from a list, the name of the customer you wish to invoice. Don't worry if the customer you want to invoice isn't there; click "MYCustomers" and "ADD a NEW CUSTOMER". Now go back and start again, you will not have used an invoice yet. If you have set up your customer with all of their details a name will appear in the contact box; this is who the invoice will be addressed to; you may change it at this point if you wish. You will notice that there are two other references boxes here both of which are there to give your customer more information. Our studies have shown that the more information we give the customer the quicker they pay the invoice and there is less chance that they may query it. The other boxes here have been filled using data from your "MYCustomer" information you can change any of those details except the invoice number; unless this is your first invoice and you will be asked to set the first invoice number; the rest will be incremental from that first number. Once you have chosen the customer and are happy the details are correct you then need to construct the body of the invoice by clicking "save and add items". You will now see in front of you the beginning of the invoice; you will now have to construct the body of the invoice line by line. In the description box you can free type the details of the product or service you are invoicing for or add an item from your product list, your product list is there for items that you regularly invoice out e.g. "delivery charge" @ "£6.50" your "MYProducts" will remember the product and it's price. Once you have selected the item from your list you can alter any element of it including the price. When you are happy that the quantity is correct, the description reads well and the price is right you can then add it to the invoice by clicking "Add this item". Repeat this process until you have fully constructed your invoice, you can then print or email that invoice or alternatively click finished and send it later.



You can edit any invoice that you have created at any time; simply go to MYInvoices and click the edit button for the invoice you want to change.



You can delete any invoice that you have created at any time; simply go to MYInvoices and click the delete button for the invoice you want to delete.IMPORTANT, this command cannot be undone.



You can send invoices one of three ways E-mail, Post or Fax. This whole program has been designed so that you can email your invoices to your clients from "MYInvoices" click either print or email, you will need to print the invoice before you post it or fax it; all of which will cost you money, stamps and fax calls cost money and so dose printer ink, email it if you can.
Simply click the email button and the computer does the rest, the Email address will be picked up from your customers details and then just type in a short message in the dialogue box that appears and click send; GONE.



You can save an invoice to your computer very easily. From "MYInvoices" click the download icon for the invoice you want to save, chose a suitable location on your computer and then save it.



When you mark an item as paid the computer will automatically prompt you to send a thank you note, you can either send it or not as the case may be.



Just re-email the invoice again and make a suitable comment in the email.



In "MYInvoices" click the paid box and the invoice will disappear from the unpaid invoices list; the invoice is still there but we have dropped it off of the list, if you want to see it click "View all" and all of your invoices are there in Invoice number order



Not to worry, click "View all" and find the invoice and make a note of the invoice number and the customer, then go to "MYCustomers" click the view history button and then click "edit" on the appropriate invoice, now click on the tick where it says paid, then click "save and add items" then click "finished" the item is now unpaid.



Got to "MYCustomers" click the Magnifying glass and that customer's entire invoice history will show in a list.



1. You can upload your own header and, if required, footer, simply create your own header making sure that it is approx 2 inches deep and saved as either a GIF (Graphics Interchange Format), JPG (Joint Photographic Group) or a PNG (Portable Network Graphics). go to "MY Details" and the "header footer " section; click "upload images" then browse for image, go to the location that you saved your header and select it. Now do the same for your footer. You should now be able to see your header on your screen whilst browsing through the site. you will need to check that it fits nicely on to the invoice; go to "MY invoices" view / print an invoice make sure you are happy; this is how your customers will see it. A certain amount of trial and error is needed here you may need to crop your header/footer so that it fits properly. If you decide to use your own images always remember if your header image does not include your address make sure you have selected "YES" in the "Show my address details on the Invoice".




2. allows you to create a simple header and footer using a basic online word package where you can type in your company name and that will be used as your header; you can even include your address in that header but remember to select "NO" in the "show my address details on the invoice" box otherwise it will appear twice on the invoice; the same applies to the footer.


Always remember you can change this at any time and a certain amount of trial and error may be needed to get exactly the header you are looking for. DONíT FORGET TO SAVE YOUR CHANGES.



Very simple; all you need do is retype or select the service or product you are crediting and the instead of the usual price you use a minus (-) figure, example £250.00 becomes -£250.00 this will then be detracted from the total invoice value.





Go to "MYProducts" type in the details and the cost and click the button "Add New Item" it is now on your product list and ready for selection next time you create an invoice.



No need really, just create a new one with the amended text and delete the old one.



Click the delete button alongside the item.





Go to "MYCustomers" and click the "New Customer" button, fill in as much detail as possible you don't have to do it all now you can start now and finish later, please bare in mind that if you want to email this customer you will need that information.



Go to "MYCustomers" and click on the "edit" button to bring up the customers details; change what you want to change and click the save button.



If they have never been invoiced just click the delete button against their details in the MyCustomers screen. But you can't once you have raised an invoice for a client you cannot delete that client. You simply do not raise another invoice to them.



Email support


Can't find the answer to your question? Feel free to contact us, we are always ready to assist you with any questions you may have in mind.