Offshore asset protection through trusts for entrepreneurs on the Internet

Protection of assets for entrepreneurs on the Internet is an article addressed to all my friends who begin their wealth through this wonderful technology, where the only intention is to guide them to start their business legally and at the same time obtain tax benefits. Today new generations are moving quickly to work on the […]

Malta Trusts for Asset Protection

Creating an offshore trust to protect assets in Malta The principles of trust are the same in all jurisdictions; trusts must always have a trust founder, a trustee, a beneficiary and a guarantor. The founder transfers its assets to a trust, where they will be managed and managed by the appointed trustee. This trustee will […]

Wills per billion. How to transfer foreign assets to Russian heirs

The transfer of foreign assets to the heirs will soon become an urgent issue for the first generation of wealthy Russians. What mechanisms exist to solve this problem? Wealthy Russians keep a significant portion of their assets abroad. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), Russian businessmen hold funds in banking and brokerage […]

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